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Model UN Country Info – Climate Change

Here are the issues surrounding climate change… There are 8 action areas where things need to change to fight climate change. They are…..

Agriculture | Cities | Energy | Financing | Forests | Industry | Resilience | Transportation

How is your country helping to fix these.

Australia –

Link 1 – Australia Overview
Link 2 – Impacts of Climate Change on Australia
Link 3 – Increased Bushfires and the Response
Link 4 – Great Barrier Reef Climate Change Action Plan

NOTES – Focus on Australia’s Distinctive National Circumstances(Link 1), Risks or Impacts of Climate change for Australia(link 2 – look at the graph)

Use links 3 & 4 to discuss possible solutions to the increased bushfires and the death of The Great Barrier Reef

Canada –

Canada Global Warming Links

NOTES – Your speaking notes are the links on the left…. Helping Canadians Adapt to Climate Change,
Canada’s Continental Action, Canada’s International Action, and The Paris Agreement  Go to these pages and learn more on each… 2-3 sentences for each topic….

China –

Link 1 – China: Summary of Climate Change
Link 2 – History of China’s Pollution

Link 1 – Choose 3-4 of the topics listed(examples…. GHG Emissions, Guiding Policy Framework, …). Focus on these topics for your paper.
Link 2 – This is a very good article about the history of pollution in China. It mentions bad things and good things China is or has done.

France –

Interview with Laurent Fabius(French President of Paris Climate Conference)

NOTES – Focus on these questions and use these answers to talk about France in general
1. The Paris Agreement is a series of principles set down on paper. How can they be made into a genuine instrument to fight climate disruption?

2. You talk about a break with the carbon world, but at no point does the Paris text mention the words fossil fuel, coal, oil…

Germany –

(Be patient for downloads)
Link 1 – Project Examples
Link 2 – History of Renewable Energy

Link 1 – Germany is using intelligent financing to help other countries. Page 6 shows a nice map of these projects. Pages 8-11 show different projects. Choose 2 to talk about.

Link 2 – See highlighted sections. Pages 7-8 tell how Germany has done so many great things with renewable energy.

India –

India Action Plan for Global Warming

CIAL International Airport

NOTES – Get a teacher to help you read through…. read Titles and look for examples with numbers and names

Japan –

Link 1 – Japan Financing Coal Plants with Green Money?
Link 2 – How climate change affects Japan
Link 3 – Overview of Situation

Link 1 – Read the first 5 paragraphs… This is an interesting idea about coal plants.
Link 2 – Read after the title “Caught by multiple blows”, this gives 5 problems Japan will face. Think of ways they could fight this.
Link 3 – Read the 1st 2 paragraphs. Read the titles and choose one other area of interest.

Russia –

Link 1 – Russia Does Little for Climate Change
Link 2 – Reporting in Russia Needs to Change
Link 3 – About Forest Fires, Denial of Putin, and Russia Wanting Oil in the North

Notes –
Link 1 – Use this article to explain how Russia needs to change.
Your arguments should be things that could fix these problems.
Link 2 – Again use this is talking about how Russia is doing bad things but slowly stories are getting out. Perhaps one of your points could be about having truthful news for each country. It seems like the truth is not heard in Russia.

South Africa –

Link 1 – How Climate Change Hurts South Africa

Link 1 – Read through and choose 2 areas affected then think of how to help fix those problem areas. Look at how other countries are doing things.

South Korea –

Link 1 – Basic Facts about South Korea and What it is doing for Climate Change
Link 2 – South Korea’s Plan for Amazon Fruit Processors
Link 3 – South Korea Helps Fiji with Landfill Gas Management and other projects

NOTES – Link 1 can be used but most likely you should be able to find sources in Korean. Focus on the eight action areas listed at the top of the page:
Agriculture | Cities | Energy | Financing | Forests | Industry | Resilience | Transportation
Tell how Korea is helping in 2-3 of these areas.

Links 2-3 are good examples of how Korea is sharing technology and money to help other countries.

UK –

List of 11 New Scientific Projects to help with Global Warming

NOTES – Choose a couple of these to talk about in your list of projects.


Link 1 – What EPA is doing about climate change
Link 2 – List of Organizations that Promote Areas to Help Climate Change

Link 1 – Find out what the US is researching/funding
Link 2 – Use one or two of these as an example and connect it with the statements from link #1

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