Balinese Masks

In the future, I may post more on Balinese design in general as I have found it to be the most appealing to me out of my Asian travels. However, I am on a mission for now.

I bought a mask for my father and I am trying to find out which of the Balinese? Hindu? gods it is supposed to be in the image of….

I had wanted to write down the name of the God when I bought it but I lacked paper at the time. My thoughts were that I would later study a bit about the god and then make a little book for my dad and give him the book and mask together. I thought that would make a more meaningful gift.

Here is the mask…. Comment if you know this Balinese? Hindu? God:


Brain by Design

On a recent idea I used my brain and actually wanted a brain incorporated into the design.

I had stumbled upon a set of images that uses brains…

Upon further investigation I discovered that this was part of an ad campaign for the Mercedes Benz car company. I am not sure how it fits cars but the design itself is pretty cool!

Here is an article that talks about the original ad campaign and shows some of the cool pics.

My idea was a collaboration between a friend(Nik Wood… His portfolio is listed here and myself. He proposed light bulb and I thought brain. What about a combo….

Here are a few other brain / bulb concepts:

Pink Floyd Brain

Brain Gears

X-ray Brain Gears

Brain Bulb

Blue Brain Bulb

We ended up doing something similar and I will try to post those sometime soon!

Designing in South Korea

A friend of mine who also lives and teaches here in South Korea has helped me design something and I thought I would pay it forward by posting a link here to his personal portfolio.

Later I will post some images from our project but for now I just wanted to provide a link:

Nik Wood’s Design Portfolio

Inspiration Needed for Web Design

I am very weak at design. I have some ideas every now and then but I really lack the skills and knowledge of what is possible. Often I look to the web for inspiration and I happen to find some really cool examples.

Hopefully I will keep this alive and make a big fat list at some point but right now I am just gleaning off of the following link(s) for some inspiration….

Google Fonts

What cool stuff… you can borrow fonts from Google for your website….

Obvious benefits seem to be that Google houses everything for you and you get pretty searchable text.