Data in Schools, Is it being used effectively?

After reading a post about using data to make informed decisions in education I have the following insights. Original Article: The Learning Leader / Looking Deeper Into the Data This article is a quick no nonsense take on what appears to be more than a few school visits. The topic discussed during these visits was "How are you using data to improve your school?" … [Read more...]

School Improvement Plan

OVERVIEW In a sense a school is a business. Any life activity that has complex activities to meet a goal might be called a business even though that word gets some negative connotation at times. If you prefer the analogy of a machine then it works just as well. Schools must have purpose, run smoothly, and get their job done. At the forefront of this is having some … [Read more...]

Chapter 1: English-Language Learners in U.S. Schools

After reading I felt the word heterogeneous was very well-suited for the topic. I struggle to find much that isn’t diverse about LEP students. The languages, cultures, home life, and other factors make each LEP student unique. Although 77% of the US LEP population is Spanish speaking there are many other languages that can’t be ignored. The differences in how families are … [Read more...]