Understanding vs Learning with UbD

After reading the first couple chapters of our text: We were asked to watch this video and comment on what the difference is between learning and understanding. Certainly this is one of the founding principles that Understanding by Desgin(UbD) is founded on. Teaching for Understanding (Harvard GSE) from Furnace Media: Education on Vimeo. Here is my thinking on … [Read more...]

Reseach in Education

Two new courses for the semester and my pursuit of an online graduate degree in education / ESL: Instructional Design and Assessment Educational Research The latter I will briefly introduce here. Hopefully, I will follow up with some reflections from my readings in the future and anyone can peruse these should they be in the market for a book on research or just … [Read more...]

Understanding by Design (UbD)

Just getting started in a course about Understanding by Design (UbD) Our professor had us watch these two intro videos which give an intro to what it is all about but I thought I would share my findings below as well... What is UbD? Grant Wiggins Answers, with Video Cases What is Understanding by Design? Author Jay McTighe explains. What is it? At its … [Read more...]