Understanding vs Learning with UbD

After reading the first couple chapters of our text: We were asked to watch this video and comment on what the difference is between learning and understanding. Certainly this is one of the founding principles that Understanding by Desgin(UbD) is founded on. Teaching for Understanding (Harvard GSE) from Furnace Media: Education on Vimeo. Here is my thinking on … [Read more...]

Reseach in Education

Two new courses for the semester and my pursuit of an online graduate degree in education / ESL: Instructional Design and Assessment Educational Research The latter I will briefly introduce here. Hopefully, I will follow up with some reflections from my readings in the future and anyone can peruse these should they be in the market for a book on research or just … [Read more...]

Prereferral Teams and How Choices with LEP Students are Made

Thus far, we've learned about mistakes in mislabeling students(ch.2), downright unfair treatment in the past(ch.3), and an unclear idea of what kinds of programs are most effective(ch.4) but who makes the decisions about all of this. Certainly it is important to understand how these decisions are being made and who is making them. This chapter helps clear a bit of that up by … [Read more...]

Accountability at Schools and How it Relates to Data

1. What are the accountability requirements in your state? 
2. How are standards being assessed in your state?
 3. What is the role of the principal in school accountability?  
4. What is your school’s current use of data and how do you rate the use of data in your school (1-5)? Working in South Korea these questions are not really directly relatable to my current … [Read more...]

An English Academy in South Korea: How they analyze data…

Bernhardt / Chapter 3 

Chapter 3 of the text is an overview of the improvement process which involves collecting multiple forms of data to help understand how to move a school "forward." 

Discuss your efforts at "comprehensive data analysis" work (based on last week's data assignment.  Answer the following questions:

 1. How do you know if what you are doing is making … [Read more...]

How does your school use data? How often? How much? HOW HOW HOW

-------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1/ Reeves (50 points)
1. How often do your schools review data?   If you do not know, see what you can find out. If you are not working in a school, find one and ask this question of a leader in that school.
2. What is "done" with the data? 
3. How does the school use the information?  Go deeper than just … [Read more...]

Ch. 4 – ESL vs. Bilingual Approaches

Throughout my travels, I have encountered several commonly believed philosophies presented in media, books, people, and other resources regarding learning a second language. I seem to recall a sink or swim attitude toward language acquisition presented to me quite a few times as I was growing up. How many of the learners from that era were sinking? Chapter 4 acknowledges … [Read more...]

Chapter 3 – Assessment Laws

Having a broad overview of how laws and the law-making process fit into the assessment for LEP students, gives teachers a chance to understand the mistakes others have made. Certainly as we are learning, the assessment of students calls for looking at a myriad of factors. While it is a bit disheartening, it comes as no surprise that the laws governing assessment practices … [Read more...]

Data in Schools, Is it being used effectively?

After reading a post about using data to make informed decisions in education I have the following insights. Original Article: The Learning Leader / Looking Deeper Into the Data This article is a quick no nonsense take on what appears to be more than a few school visits. The topic discussed during these visits was "How are you using data to improve your school?" … [Read more...]