Accountability at Schools and How it Relates to Data

1. What are the accountability requirements in your state? 
2. How are standards being assessed in your state?
 3. What is the role of the principal in school accountability?  
4. What is your school’s current use of data and how do you rate the use of data in your school (1-5)? Working in South Korea these questions are not really directly relatable to my current … [Read more...]

An English Academy in South Korea: How they analyze data…

Bernhardt / Chapter 3 

Chapter 3 of the text is an overview of the improvement process which involves collecting multiple forms of data to help understand how to move a school "forward." 

Discuss your efforts at "comprehensive data analysis" work (based on last week's data assignment.  Answer the following questions:

 1. How do you know if what you are doing is making … [Read more...]

How does your school use data? How often? How much? HOW HOW HOW

-------------------------------------------------------------- Part 1/ Reeves (50 points)
1. How often do your schools review data?   If you do not know, see what you can find out. If you are not working in a school, find one and ask this question of a leader in that school.
2. What is "done" with the data? 
3. How does the school use the information?  Go deeper than just … [Read more...]