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in Arivixe - 23 Nov, 2013
by trav - no comments

Why / How GIT If you are here and don’t understand GIT then this probably won’t serve as a good intro course but perhaps it may help in understanding how you can setup your workflow up to include GIT. You might come back to this article later. Using GIT will allow you to keep a […]

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in Arivixe - 28 Oct, 2013
by trav - one comment

I wanted to set up a Cron Job with my host Arvixe. What is a cron job? Cron is scheduling software that will run a script when you tell it to. Meaning your script will run automatically after you set it up. This is appealing because we can run cron jobs for maintenance tasks once […]

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in Arivixe - 05 Oct, 2013
by trav - one comment

Recently, I have gotten interested in using ssh with my host Arvixe. Their customer service is great but still you need to do some things on your own. I decided to setup a security key for SSH. The reason for this is to use Git in order to update my projects. If you are unfamiliar […]

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in Setup - 14 Sep, 2013
by trav - 5 comments

This will detail my attempt at installing Wampserver on my laptop running Windows Vista Home Premium. For this install I used Wampserver (32 bits & PHP 5.4) 2.4… Recently I got into php coding and really coding in general again. I had taken a hiatus from it after completing a few projects in asp.net….. Finally […]

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in Workflow - 13 Aug, 2013
by trav - 2 comments

Intro Sometimes you have to start over to make progress and although it stings it is the right choice to make.  I study Korean and one day I had come to the conclusion that in order to be a better learner I needed to take a step back and learn about learning.  I needed to […]

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