Sorting Posts by Facebook Likes – How to Tutorial – Parts 1-6 Summarized

The Birth of the Idea This is the final post for a long research project I had recently. My friend wanted to create a writing site at The site was meant to be a creative writing outlet for stories about personal … [Read More]

Sorting Posts by Facebook Likes – Part 6 – FQL(Facebook Query Language), PHP, get the like count, then update our databases

What a massive undertaking this has been but it is finally coming to a close... A whole bunch of this project was research and thus these different parts (6 of them) are basically my research written out as I go... Then at the end I will have a … [Read More]

Sorting Posts by Facebook Likes – Part 5 – More on Facebook’s APIs

More on Facebook's APIs and How they fit into my Project Rewind / Recap I am trying to get a situation setup that will save the number of Facebook likes for each post on a site I am helping my friend with. We need to sort the posts by the number … [Read More]